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Formative Fitness Tracker

Mission: To reach any goal, it is important to have a plan, and track progress along the way to verify that goals are becoming a reality. Tracking steps with a pedometer is easy. Our mission is to make tracking any fitness metric and goal as easy as tracking steps is with a pedometer.

We have worked very hard to create an app that keeps fitness data tracking and goal setting simple, yet extremely powerful. We feel that there is a huge need among fitness professionals and enthusiasts for quick-entry, customized fitness tracking.

With our app, we make it possible for individuals and fitness professionals to do the following, for themselves, and for their clients and athletes:

  • Track most any fitness metrics in less than 20 seconds, such as:
    • Strength training metrics such as reps and weight
    • Drills
    • Time Trials
    • Body composition measurements
    • Practically any standard, as well as custom fitness metrics you can think of...
  • Set daily, weekly, or monthly fitness goals and challenges and work toward them with reminder tools and updates (individually, or together in private groups)
  • Graph progress and view summaries/leaderboards (individually, or together in private groups)